OST scientific steering committee

Ensuring the scientific quality of the work of OST

The Hcéres Science and Technology Observatory (OST) performs three types of activity:

  • strategic analysis and studies;
  • evaluation support work;
  • applied research and development projects to continuously improve its methods and tools.

In order to guarantee the scientific quality of the work of OST, French decree no. 2014-1365 of 14 November 2014 pertaining to HCERES, granted OST a Scientific Steering Committee (COS). The composition and operational procedures of the COS were adopted by the Hcéres Board in its session of 7 March 2016.

The COS meets at least 3 times a year to:

  • give its opinion on the OST provisional programme of work, in particular with regard to the resources to be committed;
  • assess the scientific quality and relevance of planned research and development projects as part of the programme of work and contractual activities;
  • examine the progress of work and results obtained through the year;
  • propose the Director of OST, who is appointed for a 4-year term, renewable once, to the President of HCERES.


Composition is founded on the principles of equality and expertise

The COS is composed of six women and six men, selected by the President of Hcéres for their expertise and work, and appointed by him/her after consultation with the Hcéres Board.

They are all, including the Committee Chair, appointed for a four-year term. Half of the COS is renewed every 2 years.