List of Humanities and Social Science journals

For many Humanities and Social Science disciplines, scientific works still primarily take the form of books. At the same time, the growing number of journals is now becoming an essential tool for ongoing debate and dissemination in the research world.

The international abundance of periodicals illustrates not only the growth of the global research community but also a fundamental shift in approach to publishing research results. Today, multi-disciplinary approaches dominate the intellectual landscape, so it makes sense that many researchers are now publishing in journals from disciplines different to their own.

Experts evaluating research units no longer have any hope of knowing all the periodicals in which publications have been made. It has therefore been decided to provide them with a list of journals organised by discipline or field, which hold a significant place in the dissemination of research results both nationally and internationally.

Journal lists serve as evaluation tools for each of the research disciplines, and their use remains subject to the discretion of the expert committees.

Updated lists by disciplinary field: