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High Council for Evaluation of Research and Higher Education
Address: 2 rue Albert Einstein - 75013 Paris, FRANCE
Director of Publication: the President of Hcéres 

The team takes particular care to comply with the legal obligations that apply to any website publisher and follows the recommendations of the French data protection agency (CNIL), and the French agency for the development of electronic government (ADAE).

Compliance with applicable legislation
The website respects the privacy of users and strictly adheres to privacy and civil liberties legislation. No personal data is collected without the authorisation of users. No personal data is transferred to third parties. E-mails, e-mail addresses and other personal information that the website receives are not used and are only stored for the duration required for processing.

Website user rights: right to access and correct information held
In accordance with the provisions of French Data Protection Act no. 78-17 of 6 January 1978, website users have the right to access, modify, rectify or request the deletion of any personal data held. To exercise this right, please write to the following address, enclosing proof of identity:

High Council for Evaluation of Research and Higher Education
Service des systèmes d'information
Address: 2 rue Albert Einstein - 75013 Paris, FRANCE

Statistics: tracking and profiling
When users browse our website, they leave digital information behind. We collect this information using small pieces of connection data called cookies which do not, however, contain any personal data.

With a view to improving user-friendliness and navigation, editorial content and web service, the statistics management tool stores user profile information including: hardware and browser used, geographical source of queries, date and time of visit, pages viewed, frequency of visits, etc. This data can be used to generate statistics and is stored for one year.

Users may prevent this information being stored by disabling cookies in their browser settings. You may disable or delete cookies without affecting your access to the website.

To disable cookies or receive notification before accepting cookies, we recommend that you read the help menu on your browser, which will tell you the procedure to follow.

The website policy complies with Act no. 2004-575 dated 21 June 2004 pertaining to trust in the digital economy.

Hosting provider: ATE.

Intellectual property
Since the publication of Order no. 2005-650 dated 6 June 2005 pertaining to free access to administrative documents and the use of public information, this information may be reused for purposes other than that for which it was produced. This particularly applies to information that is publicly disclosed. Public or official documents are not covered by copyright, and may therefore be reproduced free of charge or restrictions. Graphics, images and editorial content remain the property of the State, and on these grounds, are subject to the protections set out in the French Intellectual Property Code.

Article L.122-5 of the French Intellectual Property Code sets forth the principle by which “once a work has been disclosed, the author may not prohibit…dissemination, even in their entirety, through the press or by broadcasting, as current news, of speeches intended for the public made in political…gatherings, as well as in public meetings of a political nature and at official ceremonies.”

In the event that the reproduction of this content is authorised in whole or in part, it must be accompanied by the name of the author, the source, and, if possible, a link to the original document on the website. The wording "© - Hcéres." should therefore be included. All other content on the website is subject to copyright. Reproduction is subject to authorisation by the author by virtue of Article L.122-4 of the French Intellectual Property Code.

Information may only be used for personal, voluntary sector or professional purposes. No broadcast or use for commercial or marketing purposes.

Authorisation for reproduction
Any full or partial hard copy or electronic copy of the web pages must be declared to Hcéres. Authorisation requests for the reproduction of content must be addressed to the site editors in writing at the address below:

High Council for Evaluation of Research and Higher Education
Service des systèmes d'information
Address: 2 rue Albert Einstein - 75013 Paris, FRANCE

Requests must specify the content to be reproduced and the publication or the website on which it will appear. If authorisation is granted, reproduction must comply with the following principles:

  • free dissemination
  • integrity of documents reproduced (no modification or alteration of any kind)
  • the following wording must be included: "© - Hcéres – all rights reserved". This wording must include a hyperlink directly to the content

Creating links to the website
The website allows the creation of hyperlinks to its pages, without prior approval, on condition that:

  • deep linking is not used, i.e. web pages must not be embedded into pages on another site, but be viewed by opening a separate window.
  • the source is stated, with a hyperlink pointing to the content concerned.

Responsibility for links to other sites
The website may include links to other sites, primarily official websites (government, institutions, public bodies, etc.), but also French and foreign websites of higher education and research professional bodies, or partner companies for specific operations.

The site to which the link directs is always specified. The addresses of these pages are regularly checked, but are not part of the website. Its editors shall not be held liable for the content of the pages to which these links direct. They serve solely to facilitate website users’ access to other documentary resources on the subject under consideration.

Language and accessibility
The website policy complies with Act no. 94-665 dated 4 August 1994 pertaining to the use of the French language, which requires the use of French for web content creation. The use of French terms is required on all official State websites, including those of departments and administrations.

Special care has been taken to make the website of the High Council for Evaluation of Research and Higher Education as accessible as possible.

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