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CEAIE, CTI* and Hcéres work together to promote the excellence of Franco-Chinese institutes


Coopération CEAIE, Cti et HCERES pour l’excellence des instituts franco-chinois

As part of an agreement signed between the French Embassy in China and the CEAIE (China Education Association for International Exchange), on 29 June 2016, Hcéres hosted the quality label launch ceremony for Franco-Chinese institutes for university cooperation (IFCs).

This label has multiple aims, seeking to demonstrate the excellence of IFCs while increasing their profile among both students and their families and in professional circles. Following a process launched in late 2016, it may be issued in 2017 to IFCs that have been jointly and favourably evaluated by the French (Hcéres, CTI) and Chinese (CEAIE) national evaluation agencies in their respective fields of action.

The event took place in the presence of French and Chinese IFC Directors, representatives of the French and Chinese Ministries of Education and Foreign Affairs, and the Presidents of CTI and Hcéres. It was part of the third session of the High-level dialogue between France and China on human exchanges, held on 30 June 2016 in Paris.