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2014-2015 Evaluation Campaign (Group A) - Feedback from experts and institutions


Continuous improvement of evaluation processes is an integral part of the methodology for evaluations organised by Hcéres. Feedback from the main stakeholders is a vital part of this.

For the 2014-2015 evaluation campaign (Group A), which mainly concerned institutions under the regional education authorities of Toulouse, Grenoble and Lyon, Hcéres organised two satisfaction surveys, one for the evaluated institutions and the other for the experts involved.

The survey results were analysed in a report entitled “ Rapport synthétique des retours d’expériences des experts et des établissements de la vague A ” (Feedback from Group A experts and institutions) which highlighted a growing rate of satisfaction, particularly for institutions. Institutions stated that the evaluation report primarily serves to analyse their governance, their strategy and internal organisation.

The experts praised the collegial process and evaluation exercise prior to the visit and expressed eagerness for collaborative tools to be put in place for future campaigns, to improve communication within the panel of experts.