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Access to the Hcéres “guest” portal

Conditions and rules for "guest" WiFi access at Hcéres

To access the network, you must:

  • comply with the Hcéres IT and internet services charter.
  • have a laptop computer with WiFi and configure it.

Note: The “guest" WiFi network does not have an encrypted connection, which means that all traffic could potentially be viewed by third parties. It is therefore important to always use secure web connections (https) when using login credentials (Webmail, Facebook, online banking, etc.).

All activity on the network is recorded in an event log in order to comply with legal and regulatory requirements.

Files in the event log are used for technical purposes to troubleshoot IT service or system problems.

However, the WiFi network is not used anonymously. French Decree no. 2006-358 of 2 March 2006 pertaining to data retention requires that “traces” of this traffic be retained for one year.

In the event of legal proceedings, these files must be made available to the authorities “for the purposes of investigating, identifying and prosecuting criminal offences”.


Guest WiFi coverage at Hcéres

All Hcéres premises at 2 rue Einstein – Paris 75013, from the 3rd to 8th floor, have guest WiFi coverage.


Connection procedures

To access the “guest” WiFi network at Hcéres, you must:

  • Set your computer up in an area with Hcéres guest WiFi coverage: the SSID (network identifier) is HCERES_INVITE;
  • Connect to the “HCERES_INVITE” wireless network;
  • Open your web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, etc.) and wait a few seconds for the authentication page to be displayed;
  • Enter the username and password with which you have been provided;
  • Accept the network use conditions in compliance with the HCERES ICT use charter;
  • Leave the page open while using the network then click “Déconnexion” (sign out) to end the session.


What if you cannot connect to the WiFi network ?

1. Check that you have activated WiFi on your laptop

2. Check that you are in an area with WiFi coverage by updating the list of available wireless networks

3. Check that your WiFi connection settings are configured as follows:

  • network connections
  • wireless network connection settings
  • protocol: TCP/IP
  • DHCP (Obtain IP address automatically)

4. Update the list of networks and select “HCERES_INVITE”

5. Close and re-open your browser

6. Ensure that you have used the right authentication settings


List of services available on the guest WiFi network

You will be able to access the following services from the HCERES guest WiFi network:

  • http et https
  • dns
  • ftp
  • ssh
  • IPSec et OpenVPN
  • icmp
  • pops
  • imaps
  • ntp
  • submission (smtp/auth)