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Submitting my lists of bodies to be evaluated and my evaluation file


The lists of bodies to be evaluated must be sent by e-mail to Hcéres by 23 February 2017 at the latest, via the adresses below.

Research units

Training fields

Doctoral schools


Submission of evaluation files

Evaluation files should be submitted via the PELICAN common exchange platform ( set up by Hcéres and the French Ministry of Education, Higher Education and Research. The information entered and submitted by institutions and bodies is used by Hcéres and experts to conduct evaluations. The application will be open from the start of July to allow institutions to begin submitting their files before the submission deadline of 13 October 2016. The application offers secure access and requires a username and password. These will be issued by Hcéres on receipt of the generic e-mail address which each institution should send to by first of June at the latest. This address will also be used by Hcéres to send information to institutions about the half-day presentations of the PELICAN application, the opening of the application and the return of their evaluation reports.

There are 2 stages for submitting evaluation files:

1. Checking and completion of the information pre-recorded in the forms.
Online forms for describing each body evaluated (managers, contact details, institutions and bodies to which they are attached, disciplines, etc.). Some information is automatically entered from the lists of bodies to be evaluated sent to Hcéres and/or references lists known to the Ministry (RNSR, GHABI, etc.). In order to get ahead, we strongly recommend that you complete them as soon as PELICAN is opened. This will save time during the final submission of documents for the evaluation files. 

2. Submission of documents and validation of submission.
Until the documents submitted have been validated, evaluation files can be modified and the evaluation cannot begin.
For further information about the PELICAN platform, the user guide, FAQs and evaluation file submission guide can be viewed online without a username and password. Files must not exceed a total of 50 MB, which means that logos, images and copies of web pages should be kept to a minimum.

In the event of a problem: