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Evaluation of institutions

The reference documents available online are applicable to all higher education and research institutions subject to an institutional evaluation including an on-site visit from a panel of experts, whether they come under the French Ministry of Education, Higher Education and Research or other supervising ministries.

It should be noted that the procedures for preparing the self-evaluation file have changed for schools of architecture. Following discussions between Hcéres and the French Ministry of Culture and Communication on coordinating the evaluation of study programmes with institutional evaluations led by the department for the evaluation of study programmes (DEF) and the department for the evaluation of institutions (DEE), Hcéres has proposed two major changes to better integrate evaluations and simplify the files submitted by schools of architecture:

  • the institution prepares a single self-evaluation file to respond to the expectations set forth in the external evaluation standards for each of the two departments, avoiding potential duplication,
  • a visit is organised to conduct the institutional evaluation of the school and further the file-based evaluation of study programmes.

These new changes are detailed in the document below “Guide for completing the self-evaluation file for schools of architecture. 

Reference documents:


Documents to be submitted on the PELICAN exchange platform:

  • Rapport d’autoévaluation incluant un bilan synthétique des résultats du contrat en cours avec le ministère de tutelle
  • Declaration of the institution’s strategic priorities for development for the upcoming period, including a focus on the training and research strategy
  • Functional organisational chart for the institution
  • Characterisation data available for the institution
  • Additional characterisation data for students in higher education institutions supervised by the French Ministry of Education, Higher Education and Research (excluding "écoles") - programme 150
    Fichier à renseigner (Excel)
  • Characterisation data and indicators for “écoles” (public and private institutions)
    Fichier à renseigner (Excel)
  • Indicators specific to the institution, including contractual indicators
  • Budgets initiaux et comptes financiers des 4 dernières années tels que votés par le CA accompagnés du rapport de présentation de l’agent comptable, documents d’analyse financière de l’établissement si disponibles, lettre d’orientation budgétaire (par exercice)
  • Other external evaluation reports, if applicable
  • State-Region project agreement (component related to the institution, including the financial appendix), Investissements d’avenir, Operation Campus


Additional Reference documents for schools of architecture:


Additional documents to be submitted by schools of architecture: