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Institutional evaluations

The reference documentation available online applies to all higher education and research institutions subject to an institutional evaluation including an on-site visit from a committee of experts, whether they are under the French Ministry of Education, Higher Education and Research or other supervising ministries.

For the first time, the external evaluation standards for territorial coordination strategies, more commonly referred to as site policy evaluation standards, are being published online. These standards come under the new provisions of the French Act of 22 July 2013 pertaining to higher education and research which allow institutions to organise groupings and coordinate their policies across a territorial area. They therefore relate to a new type of evaluation which was trialled during the 2013-2014 (with Paris-Est University) and 2014-2015 evaluation campaigns (with the Grenoble-Alpes University COMUE, Lyon University and the Toulouse Midi-Pyrénées Federal University). A minimum of a self-evaluation report is required for the evaluation file in this instance. Other documents are defined in consultation with the institution responsible for coordination.

Reference documents to be consulted:


Documents to be submitted on the PELICAN platform:

  • Self-evaluation report including a summary assessment of results under the current contract
  • Declaration of the institution’s strategic priorities for development for the upcoming period, including a focus on the training and research strategy
  • Functional organisational chart for the institution
  • Characterisation data available for the institution
  • Additional characterisation data for students in higher education institutions supervised by the French Ministry of Education, Higher Education and Research (excluding "écoles") - programme 150
    Fichier à renseigner (Excel)
  • Characterisation data and indicators for “écoles” (public and private institutions)
    Fichier à renseigner (Excel)
  • Indicators specific to the institution, including contractual indicators
  • Financial accounts as approved by the Executive Board, with the accountant's presentation report, financial analysis documents for the institution, if available, and the budget guidance document
  • Other external evaluation reports, if applicable
  • State-Region project agreement (component related to the institution, including the financial appendix), Investissements d’avenir, Operation Campus