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Hcéres Board: the President

Michel Cosnard

The President of the Board, Michel Cosnard, was appointed from among its members by a decree of the French President, and leads Hcéres:

  • He ensures that evaluations are impartial, reliable and transparent
  • He signs decisions concerning the validation of evaluation procedures and attests to their compliance with ethical and professional standards and with validation rules adopted by the Board
  • He appoints experts
  • He countersigns evaluation reports prepared by expert committees and signed by their presidents

The President is responsible for Hcéres staff and is the authorising officer in charge of income and expenditure.

The President appoints the General Secretary in charge of Hcéres administration and operations, department managers and the Director of the Observatory of Science and Technologies for a renewable period of four years.   He may delegate his power of signature to them for business pertaining to their respective roles and to agents under his authority for documents associated with Hcéres operations and their duties.

If the President is on leave or unable to perform his role, the Board is chaired by its most senior member and the General Secretary performs the other duties of the President.